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Top Tournament Reader Plans to Give Back with Prize Money

We are thrilled to announce that Cutler is the latest champion of the Litnerd Reading Tournament, winning the grand prize of $200!

In an interview after his victory, we asked Cutler how it feels to come out on top. With admirable humility, he simply said "I don't know" about the feeling of winning first place.

When pressed for advice to share with other Litnerd users hoping to succeed in future tournaments, Cutler recommended to "Read as much as you can and be active. And never give up." This champion knows consistent effort is key!

As for Cutler's plans for the hard-earned $200 prize money? He said he'll "probably get a gift for my family or something." How thoughtful! It just goes to show that Cutler's dedication to reading is motivated by giving back to his loved ones.

Despite his stellar achievement, Cutler revealed he "didn't know until the very end" that he would win the top spot. He stayed focused on reading right up until the last moment!

Cutler is an inspiration to us all. His passion for reading, perseverance, and selfless plans for his prize money exemplify the spirit of Litnerd. Congratulations again on your well-deserved victory, Cutler! You motivate us to keep reading, learning, and giving back.


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