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100K Litcoin Winner Shares the Secret to Her Success

We are so excited to chat with Sanaa, the recent winner of the 100K Litcoin Challenge at her school! In our interview, Sanaa opened up about her tips for success and love of the Litnerd reading program.

Despite winning top honors, Sanaa was humble about her achievement. At first she "didn't know I won" because she was simply focused on reading daily and engaging with Litnerd's questions and activities. According to Sanaa, the keys to success are consistency ("reading like mostly every day") and fully participating in everything Litnerd has to offer.


Sanaa's favorite Litnerd challenges were creative opportunities like the Lyrics Challenge where she could share her work with classmates. She also loved the social elements of Litnerd, like the live meetups where she could connect with peers.

When asked about her favorite part of Litnerd, Sanaa mentioned how books get more interesting the more you read and how she enjoyed discovering new things with each re-read. For example, she gained new perspective on the book Maya Gives Her Feelings a Name the second time through.

Now with 100,000 Litcoin to spend, Sanaa is carefully considering how to save and spend her earnings. Her advice to other students competing in tournaments or challenges? "Keep on going and keep on reading and don't give up." She persistently worked toward her goal and it paid off!

Sanaa is truly a reading superstar and role model. Congrats on your achievements Sanaa! Your love of learning, persistence, and kindness inspire us all to keep growing as readers.


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