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Litnerd Tournament Winner's Top Tip - Read Every Day!

We are thrilled to chat with recent Litnerd tournament champion, Mimi! When asked how it feels to come out on top, Mimi exclaimed it feels "amazing" like a "weight taken off my shoulders."

Mimi spent her entire summer immersed in the competition, but said "it was so fun. I loved it." Her favorite activity was the Choose Your Own Adventure stories which she highlights as a great way to rack up points.

So what's Mimi's #1 piece of advice for friends still competing in tournaments? Simply put - "Read every day." Consistent reading is key according to this reading pro.

When asked what helped her find success, Mimi emphasized that she "kept trying and didn't stop trying." Perseverance and commitment to daily reading led to her triumph.

Mimi is the perfect model of a motivated Litnerd learner! She balanced working hard with having fun all summer long. Most importantly, she knows consistent reading habits are critical for achievement.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, Mimi! Your love of reading shines through. Here's to hoping your tournament victory inspires other students to pick up a book each and every day. Congrats again!


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