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Science of Reading Curriculum & Standards Alignment

Litnerd’s curriculum is grounded in the Science of Reading and the 5 Pillars of Literacy. Each Litnerd course addresses each pillar to strengthen reading skills and help kids learn to read. Each Litnerd book is accompanied by a standards-aligned course—complete with mini-lessons, LitQuizzes, and worksheets. 

Five Pillars of Literacy - Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension

Building Knowledge

Background knowledge is essential to developing comprehension skills. The more background knowledge on a subject a student possesses, the better they understand what they are reading. Each Litnerd course includes supplemental nonfiction texts that build background knowledge. 


Mini-lessons provide bite-sized lessons for each book that help students develop their phonemic awareness, phonics, and comprehension skills.


LitQuizzes are formative assessments that test a readers’ knowledge of comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary as students read each book. LitQuizzes are designed to mimic state standardized testing to prepare students for success.  


Each book includes numerous worksheets that can be completed directly in the Litnerd app. Worksheets assess readers’ knowledge of comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary. 

Special Challenges

Special Challenges allow for readers to be involved in the creative process. Special challenges have included: 

  • Writing a movie soundtrack 

  • Directing a stop motion animation 

  • and more! 

What's Included in the Litnerd Reading Club

Litnerd App

Gamification & Litnerd Store


of Books



Music & Choreography

Weekly Live Instruction


Worksheets & Activities

Science of Reading Curriculum





Onboarding & Ongoing Support

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