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Litnerd Runner-Up Has Tips for Spending Litcoin and Winning Big

Coming in 2nd place in the latest Litnerd reading tournament was the talented Ethan, who took home an impressive 1,000 Litcoin as his prize. In an interview after the competition, Ethan shared some great advice for other Litnerd users hoping to succeed in future tournaments.

When it comes to managing all those hard-earned Litcoin, Ethan cautions not to "spend all your Litcoin in one place." Saving up over time allows you to really make the most of the Litnerd shopping sprees and flash sales.

So how did Ethan lock up his second place finish? He emphasized completing all reading activities - "I 100%ed every book I could. I did all the worksheets." His key tip was to tackle worksheets after finishing other tasks first so you can maximize points.

By fully engaging with every book and saving Litcoin patiently, Ethan put himself in a position for tournament success. His advice proves you don't have to come in first to win big with Litnerd!

We want to congratulate Ethan on his stellar reading efforts and tournament performance. His wisdom around Litcoin spending and activity completion will help motivate other students to become consistent Litnerd readers. Way to go, reading star!


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