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Litnerd Reading Club for Schools & Districts 

Discover the Litnerd Reading Club, a comprehensive reading app designed to help schools ignite a love for reading in all students. Our app is built on the Science of Reading, ensuring an effective and engaging learning experience.

Proven to accelerate reading growth by 40%!

More than a Reading App

Immerse your students in a world of engaging stories, while providing them with an immersive literacy course that goes beyond traditional reading apps. Our carefully curated collection of Litnerd books is accompanied by a complete Science of Reading literacy program, meticulously designed to support your students' learning journey.


The Litnerd Reading Club incorporates formative assessments, interactive worksheets, captivating mini-lessons, and a wealth of supplementary resources. 

Game On!

Transform the reading journey into an exhilarating adventure! From earning Litcoin to our reading tournaments, our gamified approach ensures students feel accomplished and engaged. 

Over 14,000 K-5 students have experienced Litnerd in their classroom. 

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Stories to Fall in Love With

What is the #1 reason students don't like to read? They say it's boring. 

Litnerd's stories and courses are crafted to encourage students to fall in love with reading.  

Foster Family Engagement in Student Success

With Litnerd, families are an integral member of each student's success. Keep families actively involved in their child's reading journey through our dedicated Family Portal, facilitating communication and providing access to essential resources. Litnerd LIVE, where literacy instruction extends beyond school hours, creates a seamless connection between the classroom and home learning.

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What's Included in the Litnerd Reading Club for Schools

Litnerd App

Gamification & Litnerd Store


of Books



Music & Choreography

Weekly Live Instruction After School

Teacher & Admin Data Dashboard



Science of Reading Curriculum

Formative Assessments

Worksheets & Writing Activities

Onboarding & Ongoing Support

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