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Litnerd Reading Club 

Litnerd Reading Club inspires a love of reading by turning books into interactive movies, layered with live events and reading tournaments.

Kids across school districts LOVE Litnerd. And your child will too! If you want your child to get excited about reading, make it a daily habit, and support them in brushing up on phonics and comprehension, sign up today!

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How the Reading Club Works

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New Releases Every Month

Each month, 3 brand-new stories are released to your child. Think of each release as your favorite book turned into a movie with literacy curriculum. 

Improve reading comprehension by up to 72% in only 4 months!

Stories to Fall in Love With

What is the #1 reason students don't like to read? They say it's boring. 

Litnerd books-turned-movies are crafted to encourage students to fall in love with reading.  

Reading Unlocks the Magic

Unlock the movie adaptations through reading and showing off your knowledge of the book! 

Trusted by Schools & Districts

With Litnerd, you can rest assured that our content is not only entertaining, but also aligned with your school district’s State Standards. In fact, our program is used by school districts across the nation to teach literacy and reading in the classroom.  Schools and districts choose Litnerd's curriculum because of our alignment with the science of reading. 


Over 14,000 K-5 students have streamed Litnerd in their classroom. 

Exclusive Access to VIP Live Events
& Reading Tournaments

Live events celebrate the success and growth throughout each month's Reading Club! Students earn the opportunity to be invited to private, live webinars for entertaining behind-the-scenes looks, live game show series and interactive craft series. 

What's Included

Litnerd App

Game-Based Learning


of Books


Music & Choreography



Craft Activities