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Litnerd Reading Club Tournament

A Fun Reading App, Built on The Science Of Reading!

Let's get students in the habit of reading 15 minutes daily outside of school! 


Through the Litnerd Reading Club Tournament, your students will be inspired to read in their free time. Students will compete in the app to strengthen themselves in the 5 pillars of literacy:



As a contracted education vendor, we are proud to have helped K-5 students increase reading time at home by upwards of 30%!

Enroll Today!

Enroll your school today for a chance to win $500 (USD cash reward) for your school by encouraging out-of-school reading. The $420 whole-school enrollment fee is WAIVED for first 10 schools!

* If you have previously participated in a Litnerd Reading Club Tournament, you are unable to enroll in another tournament. To renew with Litnerd, contact us

Litnerd's Impact

  • The average kid is spending 30 minutes a day reading on Litnerd!

  • Kids improved comprehension by 72% in only 4 months of Litnerd usage. 

  • Kids improved phonics knowledge by 48% in only 4 months of Litnerd usage. 

Check out previous Litnerd Reading Club Tournament Winners!

Litcoin, gamification for learning to motivate kids to read

What is Litnerd? 

Litnerd is an online reading club program with a weekly live meetup to help students make reading a lifelong habit.


Think of us as “book club meets gaming”. New books go live weekly, and each book has movie adaptations, music, reading courseware, mini lessons with a virtual teacher and worksheets.


There are reading tournaments every month to recognize the top reader. The goal of our app is to create a fun and engaging way of cultivating a child’s natural curiosity by bringing the subject matter to life (movie adaptation of books) and through gamification—our community is obsessed with earning Litcoin and winning monthly tournaments.

How does the Litnerd Reading Club work?

The goal is to earn the most amount of Litcoin so that you can win tournaments and go shopping in the Litnerd Store.


To earn Litcoin, your students will:

  • Read daily for at least 15 minutes to build fluency

  • Tackle daily reading tasks, such as quizzes and worksheets to build vocabulary, comprehension, and phonics skills.

  • Attend a weekly live (virtual) meetup with other Litnerd users from around the country.


How the Tournament Works

Schools & students compete by earning Litcoin! Litcoin brings gamification learning to the Litnerd app and helps build strong, fluent readers. 

Reading Daily

Making reading a daily habit earns Litcoin! Students can earn 15 Litcoin each day for reading to help build FLUENCY.


Worksheets assess student knowledge of PHONICS, PHONEMIC AWARENESS, COMPREHENSION and VOCABULARY. Each worksheet is worth 40 Litcoin and is graded by the Litnerd education team.


As students read, they answer daily formative assessments, called LitQuizzes, that test students on their PHONICS, COMPREHENSION, and VOCABULARY knowledge. Each correct answer earns students 4 Litcoin.

Weekly Live Meetup

Litnerd Live brings books to life with an engaging guest speaker or book author that guides students through interactive discussions and activities on the book. Students can earn up to 40 Litcoin during the game-show trivia. Watch example here.

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