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Educator Ambassador

Welcome to Litnerd, where reading meets gaming for K-8 students! Picture a world where 'book club meets e-gaming', complete with vibrant weekly meetups. Our upcoming Litnerd Reading Tournament promises an exhilarating journey, where schools and students compete for cash prizes by earning Litcoin.


As a Litnerd Educator Ambassador, you're at the forefront of this literary revolution, championing reading engagement in schools and reaping rewards. Join us for a flexible, commission-based adventure with unlimited earning potential, enticing bonuses, and the unmatched support of the Litnerd team. Plus, enjoy exclusive perks like a free educator account and three months of Litnerd access for your classroom.


Let's ignite a passion for reading together – are you ready to level up?


Fill out the following form and a member of the Litnerd team will be in touch. 

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Litnerd Educator Ambassador!

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