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Ambassador Program

Our true superheroes? Parents and kids who can't get enough of Litnerd, igniting a contagious love for reading within their circles.


Join our mission to revolutionize childhood literacy rates across America. Let's unlock the magic of books together and reward your natural word-of-mouth. Become a Litnerd advocate and watch every child's literary dreams come true!


To become a Litnerd Brand Ambassador, you must: 

  • Be referred by a Litnerd staff, a current parent or family member of a child that is using Litnerd 

  • Love Litnerd!

  • Excited to promote Litnerd through word-of-mouth to your community! 


Compensation is performance-based. You will be compensated for each successful user that renews their subscription after the first month.


You will earn $30 for each sign-up that successfully renews after their 1st month!

There is also a bonus structure!

After 10th sign-up   $100 bonus
After 30th sign-up  $300 bonus
After 50th sign-up  $800 bonus

Become a Litnerd Ambassador!

Fill out the following form and a member of the Litnerd team will be in touch. 

Thank you for your interest in the Litnerd Ambassador Program! A member of the Litnerd team will be in contact.

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