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Young Authors Program

Learn more about how to bring Litnerd's Young Authors Program to your school and secure your 50% off discount by filling out the form below.

Transform your school's writing curriculum with Litnerd's groundbreaking Published Young Authors Program. This innovative initiative combines live author interactions, guided writing experiences, and real publishing opportunities to ignite your students' passion for storytelling.

Program Highlights


Live Author Assemblies: Engage your students with dynamic, interactive sessions led by accomplished writers. These assemblies spark creativity, provide insider tips, and demystify the writing process.

Guided Writing Journey: Every student participates in crafting their own original story, receiving step-by-step guidance from published authors. This personalized approach ensures each child receives the support they need to bring their ideas to life.

Professional Publishing Opportunity: Top 5 students from each grade will see their work published on the Litnerd app, reaching a wide audience of young readers. Selected authors will also be paired with professional illustrators, bringing their stories to visual life.

Ongoing Mentorship: Regular check-ins with published authors provide continuous support and encouragement, fostering long-term writing skills and confidence.

Curriculum Alignment: Our program is designed to complement your existing literacy curriculum, reinforcing key writing concepts and standards while inspiring creativity.

School-wide Impact: From reluctant writers to budding novelists, this program offers something for every student, creating a culture of storytelling and literary appreciation across your entire school.

Program Details


Duration: 3 months

Suitable for: Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Cost: $20,000 for entire school (Special Offer: 50% off for the first 10 schools until July 8th)

Litnerd is an online reading club program with a weekly live meetup to help students make reading a lifelong habit.


Think of us as “book club meets gaming”. New books go live weekly, and each book has movie adaptations, music, reading courseware, mini lessons with a virtual teacher and worksheets.


There are reading tournaments every month to recognize the top reader. The goal of our app is to create a fun and engaging way of cultivating a child’s natural curiosity by bringing the subject matter to life (movie adaptation of books) and through gamification—our community is obsessed with earning Litcoin and winning monthly tournaments.

What is Litnerd? 

Litcoin, gamification for learning to motivate kids to read
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