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Next Steps:

Enroll your child in the Litnerd Reading Club

Thank you for signing up for Litnerd! We are so excited you have signed up your child to join the Litnerd Reading Club.


Your payment has been completed but you need to complete the next steps to ENROLL YOUR CHILD so that we can create a custom child account for your child. This account will be tied to your Parent Account and will allow you to monitor progress & activity for your child in the Litnerd app.

Need help?

Call +1 (929) 368 - 4682

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Enroll Your Child


Now that you have created a parent login, you must complete the following steps to register your child and enroll them in the Litnerd Reading Club. This will enable them to have their own separate login + receive Litcoin and get invited to live virtual events.

1. Fill out the Child Enrollment Form

This is a required step to create your child’s personal login account to the Litnerd Reading Club.

2. Child Account Processing

Please allow 24-48 hours for your child’s account to be created upon completing the Child Enrollment Form. In the meantime, you can sign in to your parent account.

3. Receive Child Login Info

Once your child's account has been processed, you will receive an email with their login instructions.

Learn More About This Month's Featured Books

Click here to watch trailers, see details on courseware and preview this month's book club releases!

The books are categorized with recommended grade level and difficulty by Lexile Level. 

Reading Unlocks the Magic

Your child will unlock the movie adaptations through reading and showing off their knowledge of the book! 

Exclusive VIP Live Events & Reading Tournaments

Remember that our book club includes a cohort-based model where your child can participate in live (virtual) events. As such, each month's featured books will change. 

Track Your Child's Growth

With the Family Portal, you can view and track your child's progress. The Family Portal dashboard displays progress in reading and polls. Polls questions allow for children to demonstrate their literacy understanding and comprehension. 

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