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Seas the Day

Make Waves in the Worldwide Waterkeeper Tournament

Join the ultimate showdown in ocean conservation during the International Coastal Cleanup! It's time to turn the tide against ocean trash and make a splash with your impact.


Get ready to team up with Waterkeeper chapters worldwide to clean up our coastlines and waterways like never before.

Why Join?

Image by Shifaaz shamoon

Unite for a
Cleaner Ocean

Together, we can tackle the global crisis of plastic pollution. By joining forces with Waterkeeper chapters across the globe, your actions ripple out to make a monumental difference.

Image by Khürt Williams

Competitive Spirit, Collective Impact

Engage in friendly competition as Waterkeeper chapters go head-to-head to see who can make the biggest splash in the cleanup efforts. Every piece of trash collected brings us closer to victory!

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Be a Champion
of Change

Stand at the forefront of ocean conservation by participating in cleanups, building knowledge through specialized courses, and rallying volunteers to join the cause. Lead the charge in protecting our precious marine ecosystems.

How to Compete

Build Your Ocean IQ

Equip yourself with essential knowledge through our curated courses on ocean pollution and the significance of coastal cleanup. Become a steward of the sea with expert insights and actionable tips.

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Roll Up Your Sleeves


Dive into action by participating in cleanup events in your area or organizing your own. Every piece of litter removed is a step towards a cleaner, healthier ocean for all.

Rally the Troops

Multiply your impact by recruiting volunteers to join the International Coastal Cleanup. Together, we amplify our efforts and inspire others to take a stand for our oceans.

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