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About the Tournament

Let's get your students in the habit of reading a minimum of 15 minutes daily outside of school! As a contracted vendor across NYCDOE schools, we are proud to have helped NYCDOE K-5 students increase reading time at home by upwards of 30%!

Through the Litnerd Reading Club Tournament, your students will be inspired to read in their free time. All students will receive access to the Litnerd Reading Club platform, complete with books, formative assessments, movies, and more. 


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Enroll Your School

Enroll your school by filling out this form or request more information here. 

The $460 enrollment fee can be paid by card, check, or by PO (NYCDOE only).

Schools enrolled in the tournament get access to the Litnerd Reading Club platform for all students, a Family Login for each student, live VIP events, and more! 


Getting Started & Orientation

Litnerd staff will visit NYC schools in person for a school wide orientation to provide guidance on how the tournament will work. Flyers will be provided for parents and teachers.


Prior to the start of the tournament, schools must provide Litnerd with a student & teacher roster. After Litnerd receives the student roster, student login and signup instructions will be provided.  Schools must ensure that parents signup and create parent account to monitor child progress. Teachers must create teacher account to monitor class progress.


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How Schools Compete

Students compete on the Litnerd app through earning Litcoin. Students earn Litcoin by:


  • Reading daily for, at least 15 minutes, on the Litnerd app

  • Answering poll questions

  • Joining special VIP Live Events (virtual)


Winners of the tournament will be determined by Litcoin. 

The school with the most Litcoin wins $4,000

The class with the most Litcoin wins $1,000

The individual student with the most Litcoin wins $1,000.


The winners will be announced on April 4th!

(subject to change) 

Live VIP Events

Throughout the competition, students will be invited to special live events (virtual). During these events, they can earn additional Litcoin to help them and their school in the tournament. 

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