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Litnerd Reading Club Tournament

1. Enroll in the Tournement

Enroll in the tournament by joining the Litnerd Reading Club! 


2. Compete!

Students compete on the Litnerd app through their earning of Litcoin. Students earn Litcoin by:


  • Reading daily for, at least 12 minutes, on the Litnerd app

  • Answering poll questions

  • Participating in 5-10 minute literacy mini-lessons

  • Watching movie adaptations and music videos

  • Joining special VIP Live Events (virtual)

3. Earn Prizes

Winners of the tournament will be determined by Litcoin. 

The individual student with the most Litcoin wins $1,000.


The winners will be announced on April 4th!

(subject to change) 

4. Live VIP Events

Throughout the competition, students will be invited to special live events (virtual). During these events, they can earn additional Litcoin to help them and their school in the tournament. 

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