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Litnerd Reading Club Tournament Winners Announced

Updated: Apr 25

It's time to celebrate the winners of the Litnerd Reading Club Tournament! After weeks of reading and competing, the top readers have emerged victorious. The Litnerd Reading Club Tournament is a one-of-a-kind competition designed to inspire a love of reading and foster a sense of community among young readers. And it certainly lived up to expectations!

The Litnerd Reading Club turns books into interactive movies, layered with curriculum, live events, and reading tournaments. It's no wonder that kids across school districts love it! The Litnerd Reading Club inspires students to read for 15 minutes daily outside of school, and the Litnerd Reading Club Tournament takes it to the next level.

During the tournament, students competed in the app to strengthen their skills in the 5 pillars of literacy: comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, phonics, and phonemic awareness. Litcoin, Litnerd's in-app currency, determined the winners of the competition. They earned Litcoin by reading books, answering LitQuizzes that tested their knowledge of comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary, completing worksheets, and attending live events.

  • The Top School read over 38,000 minutes. Their students read for almost 2,000 minutes daily!

  • The Top Classroom answered over 2300 quiz questions that tested their knowledge of comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary.

The competition was intense, with students devouring Litnerd-published books left and right. Congratulations to our winners! They've shown that with a little bit of determination, a love of reading, and a competitive spirit, anything is possible.

Congrats to the Runner Up!

Congrats to the 2nd place school, PS 595 in the Bronx (NYC)!

Congrats to the Top Winners!