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Litnerd Reading Champion Shares Her Winning Strategies

Litnerd has a new reading champion in the house! Dhruvi recently came in 3rd place in a Litnerd reading tournament and shared her secrets to success in an interview.

When asked how she felt about her big win, Dhruvi said, "winning is a lot good than losing, but it's okay to lose because it's part of mistakes." This shows her positive attitude and that she doesn't let setbacks stop her!

So, what helped Dhruvi come out on top? She emphasized the importance of fully engaging with Litnerd's reading activities - "I did the Stop Motion Challenge, worksheets, LitQuizzes and rereading books to make 100%, to help me win." She even reread books multiple times after reaching 100%!

Dhruvi's favorite part of Litnerd is the stop motion movies, worksheets, LitQuizzes, and of course, the reading itself. When asked what advice she'd give to other students hoping to win tournaments, she stressed not rushing through material: "You should read more, do LitQuizzes, do not skip, and you should not like go in much hurry."

Slow and steady learning is the key according to this reading champ. Dhruvi models great reading habits - making time to fully read, re-read, and engage with supplemental activities.

We're so proud of you Dhruvi! Your love of reading and commitment to Litnerd shined through. Your tips to take your time, complete all activities, and re-read books will help every kid become a stronger reader. Keep up the inspiring work, reading star!


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