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Grace Shares How Litnerd Engaged Her Whole Class

Litnerd user Grace opened up in a recent interview about how Litnerd has boosted her reading motivation and engaged her entire classroom.

Prior to using Litnerd, Grace admitted she didn't read as consistently. But Litnerd's interactive features like quizzes and worksheets made reading more appealing. As Grace put it, "On a regular book, you don't really get questions after you finish it so I feel like that makes Litnerd special."

Grace also described how Litnerd spurred some friendly competition in her class. She would compete with a classmate to get ahead on Litnerd and "it turned into none of us actually winning the competition so it was kind of like a joke." But the teacher got in on it too - sharing the class progress and recognizing top Litnerd users.

Beyond motivating students, Litnerd also facilitated classroom discussions. Grace loves the Litnerd community and chats because she can connect with other kids doing the same activities. Her teacher also used Litnerd to spark conversations around books, like Grace's favorite - Es Alérgico.

In the end, Litnerd really got Grace's whole class actively reading and bonding over books. As Grace advised other students, "Make sure you go on Litnerd every single day like me and maybe you'll be able to buy something from the flash sale!"

Litnerd is clearly engaging students like Grace by gamifying reading and connecting peers around books. Her experience shows how it can encourage participation and healthy competition within a classroom reading community. Way to go Grace on leading your class in developing a love of reading!

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