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Danny: "I would never be this happy reading" without Litnerd

Litnerd user Danny recently came in 2nd place in a reading tournament, winning 5,000 Litcoin! In a video interview after his exciting win, Danny shared his thoughts on what helped him succeed in the tournament.

When asked how he felt about his second place finish, Danny said he felt "amazing" and that it was "better than losing." He explained that he "worked really really hard" and loved using the Litnerd reading program, calling it his "favorite reading program ever."

So what was Danny's secret to success? He emphasized the importance of consistency, saying: "I always take time to get on Litnerd and do a little bit of Litnerd and get all my Litcoin done. Because if you get lazy for just one day and they get ahead of you, you're gonna be struggling to get back to the top."

Danny advises new tournament participants to "do your best" and make reading with Litnerd a daily habit. He highlighted that he tries his best to win, but the most important thing is that Litnerd helps him discover a love for reading. As Danny put it, "I would never be this happy reading" without the Litnerd program.

Litnerd's reading tournaments are designed to motivate kids and make reading fun through friendly competition. Danny's story shows that consistent effort and engagement with the reading activities pays off. His advice to keep up a regular Litnerd routine is a great tip for any kid looking to succeed in the next tournament.

Way to go, Danny! Your passion for reading and dedication to Litnerd is inspirational. Keep up the great work!


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