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A new Litnerd Reading Club Tournament Champion is crowned

Congrats to Azeez for winning the May 2023 Litnerd Reading Club Tournament! Check out our interview with Azeez:

We are thrilled to share some incredible highlights from the May 2023 Litnerd Reading Club Tournament:

📚 On average, every kid read a remarkable 40 minutes a day during the tournament. This dedication to reading is truly commendable and showcases their passion for learning and exploration.

🏆 Our young readers demonstrated exceptional knowledge and understanding of comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics. They answered an impressive 87% of questions correctly, showcasing their growth and development in these essential literacy skills.

✨ As part of the tournament, our young authors drew inspiration from Litnerd's book "Sparks Fly" and delved into the captivating world of storytelling. They embraced their creativity and wrote their very own "Choose Your Own Destiny" books, unleashing their imagination in boundless ways.

What is the Litnerd Reading Club?

The Litnerd Reading Club is a reading app for ages 4-13, built on the Science of Reading, that transforms reading into a game. On the Litnerd app, kids dive into captivating books, explore literacy mini-lessons that enhance their learning, tackle intriguing comprehension and phonics questions, and even revel in the world of game-based learning and movie adaptations.

A Reading Tournament?

Think a book club meets e-gaming! The Litnerd Reading Club Tournament is a one-of-a-kind competition designed to inspire a love of reading and foster a sense of community among young readers. Kids have won up to $1000 cash simply by reading!


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