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Litnerd supports literacy at home by transforming books & curriculum into engaging movies. Trusted by schools across America, students can experience Litnerd at home through the Litnerd Reading Club or Litnerd Home School. 

Litnerd Reading Club

Extra Reading Support for After School Hours

Litnerd Home School

Full Literacy Curriculum for Homeschooled Children

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Learning should be as fun as watching your favorite movie.

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Litnerd Published Books

Litnerd books provide windows into different worlds, while also holding up a mirror for kids to recognize themselves in stories. All books are crafted with a CASEL competency from the beginning.

Reading Instruction

The Litnerd app guides children through our standards-aligned curriculum. Litnerd provides supplemental reading support or a full core homeschooling curriculum.

Movie Adaptations

No more waiting for the adaptation of students' favorite books! Litnerd's movies increase engagement and excitement in learning. 

Increased Motivation

Litnerd inspires life-long readers by bringing books to life. Through reading, answering poll questions, and participating in reading activities, kids unlock movie adaptations of their favorite books.  


Litcoin continues to motivate kids as they learn. As your child uses Litnerd, they earn Litcoin for reading, completing activities, answering polls, and much more!

Proven Curriculum

Litnerd curriculum is built on the Science of Reading and is aligned to Common Core Standards and state ELA benchmarks.

Choose from either extra reading support or a full homeschool curriculum for your child.

Track Progress

With the Litnerd app, families are an integral member of a child's reading progress. With the Family Login, you can track your child's reading and growth.

What Kids Think About Litnerd


of students said Litnerd made reading fun.


of students said Litnerd was one of their favorite ways to learn.


of students loved Litnerd books.

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