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Litnerd SEL

Litnerd SEL brings Hollywood to student learning. Litnerd's complete SEL program comes with curriculum, SEL books, SEL learning app, and more!

Brooklyn Landmark Academy

“We are in Week 2 of the Litnerd program. Scholars are participating SEL workshops. Kindergarteners are reading Maya Gives Her Feelings a Name. They are learning how to identify feelings, why feelings matter and how important it is to express them in a healthy way. First graders are reading Es Alergico! In their workshops, they are learning to be proud of their heritage, who they are and where they are from. First graders also explore the concept of anxiety and how to remain calm, even in stressful situations.”
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Literacy-forward social-emotional learning

With Litnerd, students explore social-emotional skills through the stories found in Litnerd books & episode series. Learning SEL through literacy and books allows students to practice SEL skills across multiple contexts.

Comprehensive & Standards-Aligned

Litnerd's SEL curriculum is aligned to the CASEL SEL framework & state standards, including the PA Career Ready Skills & NYS SEL Benchmarks. Litnerd SEL curriculum includes scope & sequences, scripted lesson plans, & additional instructional resources. 

Increased engagement

Litnerd's multimodal approach (including episode series, music, and more) increases student engagement and excitement for learning. Each book & episode series is accompanied by a SEL-focused soundtrack to reinforce the lessons. 

What's Included

Litnerd App



of Books


Music & Choreography

SEL Activities & Worksheets

SEL Scripted

Lesson Plans

SEL Scopes & Sequences



SEL Surveys

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