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Litnerd ELA

Litnerd ELA is based in the Science of Reading and proven to improve literacy outcomes. Litnerd ELA offers 3 solutions: Core, Supplemental & After School. 

Litnerd ELA Solutions

ELA Core

Litnerd's ELA Core consists of a full 40-week scope & sequence. The program consists of 3 components: Foundations, Shared Reading, and Writing.


* Litnerd SEL is included with the Core program. 

ELA Supplemental

The supplemental Litnerd program enhances and compliments your existing ELA curriculum. Litnerd works with schools & districts to individualize the scope of the supplemental program.

ELA After School

The After School solution makes after-school literacy intervention fun & effective. Litnerd After School units consist of 9 lessons per Litnerd book and episode series.

Grounded in the Science of Reading

Litnerd’s curriculum is grounded in the Science of Reading and the 5 Pillars of Literacy. Each Litnerd lesson addresses each pillar to strengthen reading achievement. Due to this approach, students improved comprehension scores by up to 72% in only 4 months. 

Comprehensive & Standards-Aligned

Litnerd curriculum includes scope & sequences, scripted lesson plans, & additional instructional resources. All Litnerd curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and state-specific ELA standards, including the NYS Next Generation Standards & the PA Core Standards. 

Infused with Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning is at the forefront in Litnerd. All Litnerd stories are aligned to a specific CASEL Social-Emotional Competency. Each book & episode series is accompanied by a SEL-focused soundtrack to reinforce the lessons. 

Increased engagement

Litnerd's multimodal approach (including episode series, music, and more) increases student engagement and excitement for learning. Our adapted episode series help students build the knowledge and make learning more equitable.

Reading Unlocks the Magic

Unlock the movie adaptations through reading and showing off your knowledge of the book! 

What's Included

Litnerd App



of Books



Music & Choreography



ELA Activities & Worksheets

ELA Scripted

Lesson Plans

ELA Scopes & Sequences



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