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How to Win

During the tournament, students compete virtually on the Litnerd app. 

Getting Started in the Tournament

1. Login to your student account on app.litnerd.comYou will compete against other schools and students from across the United States on the Litnerd app by earning Litcoin. 


2. Complete the 'How Litnerd Works' course: Follow the checklist to watch the videos, do the LitQuizzes and worksheets in order. 

3. Start reading a book: Follow the checklist to complete all the activities in the book's course.

4. Earn Litcoin!: The student and school with the most Litcoin will win the Tournament. Follow the checklists on each book/course page. Learn more about how to earn Litcoin here or complete the 'How Litnerd Works' course

The child with the most Litcoin wins the tournament! Litcoin brings gamified learning to the Litnerd app and helps build strong, fluent readers. 

Reading Daily

Earn 1 Litcoin for each minute of reading. You can earn 15 Litcoin for each book per day. Making reading a daily habit earns Litcoin and helps build FLUENCY!


Earn up to 40 Litcoin for complete and correct work. Worksheets assess student knowledge of PHONICS, PHONEMIC AWARENESS, COMPREHENSION and VOCABULARY. 


Earn 4 Litcoin for each correct answer. As students read, they answer daily formative assessments, called LitQuizzes, that test students on their PHONICS, COMPREHENSION, and VOCABULARY knowledge. 

Live Events

Earn up to 40 Litcoin during the game-show trivia segment. Litnerd Live brings books to life with an engaging guest speaker or book author that guides students through interactive discussions and activities on the book. Watch example here.

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