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How Litnerd Works

At Litnerd, we believe that storytelling and film-making are powerful drivers of academic success. In Litnerd ELA & Litnerd SEL, each lesson consists of reading a selection from a Litnerd book, instructing Litnerd curriculum, & watching the corresponding episode series. 


In each Litnerd lesson, students read & explore a Litnerd original book. Each book is crafted with a CASEL SEL competency at the forefront. 

In Es Alérgico, students explore Social Awareness. 


Each book is adapted into a movie adaptation that is seamlessly integrated into the lesson. 

Check out the trailer to Es Alérgico!


ELA & SEL curriculum is built on top of the book & episode series. All Litnerd curriculum is grounded in the Science of Reading and state standards. 

Helping Students Acquire Essential
ELA & SEL Skills in Any Setting

Litnerd is an effective reading program resource to help build critical early reading skill during whole-group, small-group or individual instruction. Find out how Litnerd can integrate into your classroom.


Small Group

After School & Summer Camp

Reading Book Online

Extra Reading Support

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Home Schooling

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