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How Litnerd Works

At Litnerd, we believe that storytelling and film-making are powerful drivers of academic success. In Litnerd ELA & Litnerd SEL, each lesson consists of reading a selection from a Litnerd book, instructing Litnerd curriculum, & watching the corresponding episode series. 


In each Litnerd lesson, students read & explore a Litnerd original book. Each book is crafted with a CASEL SEL competency at the forefront. 

In Es Alérgico, students explore Social Awareness. 

Episode Series

Each book is adapted into an episode series that is seamlessly integrated into the lesson. 

Check out the trailer to Es Alérgico!



ELA & SEL curriculum is built on top of the book & episode series. All Litnerd curriculum is grounded in the Science of Reading and state standards. 

Helping Students Acquire Essential
ELA & SEL Skills in Any Setting

Litnerd is an effective reading program resource to help build critical early reading skill during whole-group, small-group or individual instruction. Find out how Litnerd can integrate into your classroom.


Small Group

After School & Summer Camp

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