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Litnerd Homeschool 

Litnerd Homeschool offers a comprehensive, Science of Reading based ELA curriculum for K-6 students. Simply enroll in Litnerd Homeschool & we take care of the rest! 

Improve reading comprehension by up to 72% in only 4 months!

Interactive Virtual Teacher

Your child is guided through Litnerd lessons by a virtual teacher. Your child will also interact with the lessons through polls, reading, worksheets, assessments, craft activities, and more!

Trusted by Schools & Districts

With Litnerd , you can rest assured that our content is not only entertaining, but also aligned with your school district’s State Standards. In fact, our program is used by school districts across the nation to teach literacy and reading in the classroom.  Schools and districts choose Litnerd's curriculum because of our alignment with the science of reading. 


Over 14,000 K-5 students have streamed Litnerd in their classroom. 

Proven Curriculum

Litnerd curriculum is built on the Science of Reading and is aligned to Common Core Standards and state ELA benchmarks.

Choose from either a supplemental literacy support curriculum or a full homeschool curriculum for your child.

Track Progress

With the Litnerd app, families are an integral member of a kid's reading progress. With the Family Login, you can track your child's reading and growth.

What's Included

Litnerd App

Game-Based Learning


of Books


Music & Choreography

Grading & Assessments

ELA Activities & Worksheets

Full-Year ELA Curriculum





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