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Bringing Books
to Life

Enhance reading and learning outcomes with Litnerd. Our unique approach uses engaging movies based on unique books and standards-aligned curriculum to bring the power of storytelling to learning.

Litnerd is a proud NYC Department of Education vendor. Over 14,000 students have experienced Litnerd in their classroom.

Learning should be as fun as watching your favorite movie.

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Litnerd Published Books

As a publisher, Litnerd focuses on unique fiction and non fiction stories to capture the imagination of our students. Litnerd books provide windows into different worlds, while also holding up a mirror for kids to recognize themselves in stories. 


Litnerd leverages multiple modalities to help students. Litnerd layers curriculum, coupled with formative assessments, to help you measure student progress at every step. 

Movie Adaptations

No more waiting for the adaptation of students' favorite books! Litnerd's movies increase excitement in learning. Our movies are grounded in the Science Of Reading principle of building background knowledge in readers by bringing books to life! 

Fall in Love with Reading

Litnerd inspires life-long readers by bringing books to life.


Litcoin motivates kids as they learn. As your child uses Litnerd, they earn Litcoin for reading, completing activities, answering polls, and much more!

Proven Curriculum

Litnerd's curriculum is built on the Science of Reading and is aligned to Common Core Standards and state ELA benchmarks.

 With Litnerd, students improved reading comprehension by up to 72% in only 4 months! 

Track Progress

With the Litnerd app, districts, teachers, and families can track and measure student progress with actionable data.

See What Students and Schools Are Saying:

PS 200 - New York City

“I would like to say thank you to Litnerd for the wonderful musical, ELA, and SEL program! I received multiple comments and emails from both staff and students about how much they loved it. I will be recommending your program to other schools in my area."
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