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Level up your kids' reading!

The Litnerd Reading Club is a comprehensive reading app, built on the Science Of Reading

Litnerd is a proud NYC Department of Education vendor. Over 14,000 students have experienced Litnerd in their classroom.

How the Reading Club Works

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New Releases Every Month

Each month, 3 brand-new stories are released to your child. Think of each release as your favorite book turned into a movie with reading curriculum. 

Turning Reading into a Game

Litnerd hosts thrilling reading tournaments designed for schools and individual kids all year round. Kids immerse themselves in a world where books come to life, as they compete for Litcoin. 

Infusing gaming elements into reading ignites the motivation and inspiration within each child to read voraciously.

Bringing books to life

Experience the vibrant world of Litnerd with movie adaptations and Litnerd LIVE, where books come alive in an interactive format. Each week at Litnerd LIVE, a talented actor guides the conversation and facilitates special activities that places kids in the creative process, fostering a tight-knit community of young readers.



of kids said Litnerd made reading fun.

Science of Reading Curriculum

Litnerd's curriculum is built on the Science of Reading and is aligned to Common Core Standards. It is designed to improve comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, and fluency. 

Litnerd Reading Club helped kids grow by 40% (on average) on comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics. 

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Track Progress

With the Litnerd app, administrators, teachers, and families can track and measure student progress with actionable data.

See What Students and Schools Are Saying:

4th Grade Student

"I loved this program. It helped me see the magic in books."
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